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CADSharp - Automating SolidWorks with VBA $29 buy download

Keith Rice
Frustrated trying to learn the SolidWorks API? You’re in the right place.
My name is Keith and I started CADSharp.com because I want every SolidWorks user to have easy access to awesome SolidWorks API training. Here you’ll find high-quality video tutorials, hundreds of macros to search and download, great blog content, and responsive support. If you want to keep up with new content and hear about upcoming webinars, sign up for our newsletter.
Lesson 1.10 - Working With Files.mp4
Lesson 1.1 - Introduction to VBA.mp4
Lesson 1.2 - Using Variables.mp4
Lesson 1.3 - Using Arrays.mp4
Lesson 1.4 - Conditionals.mp4
Lesson 1.5 - Repeating Code.mp4
Lesson 1.6 - Built-In Functions.mp4
Lesson 1.7 - Modular Programming.mp4
Lesson 1.8 - User Forms and Controls.mp4
Lesson 1.9 - Debugging And Error-Handling.mp4
Lesson 2.1 - Recording And Editing Your First Macro.mp4
Lesson 2.2 - Creating Your First Macro From Scratch.mp4
Lesson 2.3 - The SolidWorks API Object Model.mp4
Lesson 3.1 - Opening, Saving, and Exporting Documents.mp4
Lesson 3.2 - Working With Configurations.mp4
Lesson 3.3 - Working With Custom Properties.mp4
Lesson 3.4 - Selection.mp4
Lesson 3.5 - System and Document Options.mp4
Lesson 4.1 - Working With Sketches.mp4
Lesson 4.2 - Working with Features Part A.mp4
Lesson 4.2 - Working with Features Part B.mp4
Lesson 4.2 - Working with Features Part C.mp4
Lesson 4.3 - Geometry and Topology Objects.mp4
Lesson 5.1 - Creating A New Assembly.mp4
Lesson 5.2 - Working With Existing Assemblies.mp4
Lesson 5.3 - Component Transforms.mp4
Lesson 6.1 - Creating A New Drawing Part A.mp4
Lesson 6.1 - Creating A New Drawing Part B.mp4
Lesson 6.2 - Advanced Drawing Creation.mp4
Lesson 6.3 - Working with existing drawings.mp4
Lesson 7.1 - Using the SolidWorks API With Microsoft Excel.mp4
Lesson 7.2 - Notifications.mp4
Lesson 7.3 - Temporary Bodies.mp4
Lesson 7.4 - PropertyManager Pages.mp4
Lesson 7.5 - Macros Parts A-D.mp4
Lesson 7.5 - Macros Parts E-I.mp4

Download File Size:1.62 GB

CADSharp - Automating SolidWorks with VBA
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