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E Frontier Shade Pro 13.2.3 plus Content (2 dvd) $25 buy download


Publisher Mirye Software announces the release of Shade 13.2.3, a update to the Shade 13, the professional 3D modeling, rendering and animation software.

Shade is the modeling, rendering and animation platform for designers, animators and game developers. Use Shade as a complete, standalone tool set, or as a key design tool in your existing workflow.

First released in 1986, Shade has received continuous development and improvements in features and workflow to meet or exceed the needs of professionals.

New Features of Shade 13:

- Shade Replicators. Multi-object instancing of multiple objects along paths and surfaces enables the creation of armies, forests, chains, with scale, orientation and offsets.
- Skin and Bones. New Skin and Bone Joint systems make it easier to build realistic characters for animation and game development.
- Weight Painting. Paint on weight information to allow realistic bending, bulging and flexing for animated characters.
- Physical Sky. Generate skies based on real world coordinates, with animated sun, atmospheric effects. Preset locations and user defined locations supported.
- Advanced FBX Support. Import, modify, export animated, game ready content in the standard format of the 3D game industry. Original animations can be baked into models.
- Smart Sampling Irradiance Cache. Advanced control over sampling distance, sensitivity and details render faster, more realistic shadows that gather in architectural designs.
- Vertex and Edge Beveling Tools. Interactively create bevels from polygon edges and vertexes in addition to face based profile bevels for better industrial design.
- Render History. A power visual organizational tool for comparing two renders, locating differences and applying post processing effects and live color correction.

Shade 13.2.3 Update Released

This release is primarily a feature improvement release.

The fixes and improvements included in all versions include:

- Slow figure window drawing (OpenGL) after import motion data file such as FBX format;
- Surface file loaded incorrectly when it saved under backward compatible mode;
- Incorrect rendering with skin settings on curved surface, subdivision surface or displacement object;
- Unable to align 45 degree when press Shift-key during bone object creation fixed;
- Backdrop failed to render under animation rendering fixed;
- Sample scene file - Chair_ShadowCatcher rendered incorrectly fixed.;
- Particle Physics Preview is not working consistent with the control bar window button fixed and now should preview the Particle correctly after a new scene created;
- Camera Safe Zone displayed incorrectly fixed;
- Windows: Alt key failed to popup sub-menus fixed;
- ShadeExplorer: multiple catalogs creation supported under sandbox environment
- NEW! Shade 3D for Unity: Import and Export OBJ format

About Mirye

Mirye works with value-adding partners including community brokers and recognized resellers. A partner company, Mirye Store also sells products published by Mirye Software Publishing in addition to selected third party products.

Mirye Software Publishing is a property of Proactive International, LLC, the international channel development agency. Founded in 1997, Proactive International creates and expands product distribution and sales into international markets. Mirye Software Publishing was launched in 2007 in order to provide a direct venue to end user customers for specialized products.

Some of Proactive International's clients or close partners include or have included: Nova Development (now a part of Avantquest), REAL Software, San Disk, Paradigma Software, Rogue Amoeba, E Frontier, Nikon Corporation, Mitsubishi, Marubeni and more.

Name: E Frontier Shade Pro
Version: 13.2.3
Home: http://mirye.net/
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8

Download File Size:2.4 GB

E Frontier Shade Pro 13.2.3 plus Content (2 dvd)
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