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Gael MindGenius Business 2005 2.200 $15 buy download

MindGenius aids thinking - it is designed specifically
to deliver excellence in managing techniques and
methodologies capable of making businesses more
efficient and people more effective.

MindGenius is more than software . it is a combination
of people, techniques and methodologies with
supporting technology (MindGenius software) that helps
drive improvement by providing clarity of thought and
purpose in whatever needs tackled.

Within the MindGenius software are detailed white
papers that describe the set-up, types of questions
and best use of the product to manage the following
techniques in addressing real life business issues.

Project Management
Cause & Effect Analysis
Decision Making
De Bono Six Thinking Hats
Meeting Management
SWOT Analysis
Impact Analysis

Gael will continue to develop further white papers
addressing other key methodologies and techniques made
practical by the MindGenius software.

Very simply our viewpoint in design is not what the
product can do in terms of bells and whistles .
instead our focus is on providing functionality that
supports and enhances the implementation of recognised
techniques and we believe that we have done this
outstandingly well with MindGenius. This is where Gael
Ltd as a company and MindGenius differ from anything
else in the marketplace.

We believe the MindGenius solution provides a unique
opportunity for individuals to excel and in turn allow
business to excel further.

Benefits of MindGenius 2005

Produce more, to a higher standard, with less effort.

Reduce levels of rework by obtaining early consensus.

Engage with others within the organisation, when
appropriate, to capture their knowledge, experienc
and creativity.

Enhance your self-belief.

Enhance and improve your creativity.

Know when and how to use appropriate management
techniques and methodologies to deliver outstandin

Increase your and your teams productivity.

Reach your full potential.

Your reason to believe in MindGenius 2005

The White Papers detailed above provide detailed
instruction on how best to use the techniques
effectively . in addition the MindGenius software is
the .glue. that makes it all possible and highly
practical. Without the software you will be left
frustrated and disappointed with what is achieved
using traditional tools, as MindGenius has been
designed specifically to manage the processes requ
to effectively deliver excellent results from each

In addition the MindGenius product has its roots in
the MindMapping technique . internationally recognised
as an excellent stimulus for the brain and a great aid
to thinking and creating mental connections between
strands of information.

In addition you may wish to consider the following:

Gael are part of the Gael Quality Group - renowned
innovators of software to overcome business challenges
since 1992. Their Q-Pulse product, addressing
compliance management, is market leading in
Manufacturing, Service Industries, Aviation,
Healthcare and Food sectors. It was designed to take
the bureaucracy out of compliance and provide focus on
preventing problems from occurring. It continues to be
outstandingly successful. Visit www.gaelquality.com
for further information.

Gael has customers in over 130 countries.

Gael has over a decade of experience supporting
solutions in international markets.

Gael has an outstanding reputation for 1st class
customer support.

Gael has an excellent reputation for coaching
excellence in transition management.

MindGenius has deployed 200,000 licences across a wide
spectrum of sectors and geographies.


MindGenius has specific tailored versions available
for business, education and home use.

MindGenius offers a 2 for 1 business license - to
enable use on both desktop and notebook/home PC's.
This is not available with an Education licence.

MindGenius offers flexible deployment options -
ranging from single user through to complete corporate
roll out.

Download File Size:24.72 MB

Gael MindGenius Business 2005 2.200
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