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SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2010 (1 dvd) $40 buy download

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2010 - a software solution for safe storage,
management and access to project data, enabling you to create new products
faster and with better quality. It is specially optimized for companies
with geographically extensive network of offices, subcontractors and
suppliers. DBMS is based on technology Microsoft SQL Server. Being fully
integrated with Microsoft Windows Explorer, system SolidWorks Enterprise
PDM 2009 can be implemented in the workplace for a very short time with
minimum staff training.

thoroughly described and analyzed information on effective product
delivered at the right time for the cost of production to meet the needs
of your customers. SolidWorks Enterprise PDM allows members of your
organization work effectively together, to more quickly to market quality

Increase the efficiency of data management with the best in class system

Improving the product development process by providing direct access to
the most current versions of all documents and data using an integrated
interface with Windows Explorer. Effective data management enables
engineers, manufacturing, and marketing service to avoid mistakes, such as
working with faulty versions of documents or accidentally overwrite a version
of the document. In addition, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM allows intelligent
database, re-use, preserve and enhance. Using a powerful, yet easy to use
tool, product designers can quickly find your documents and avoid
unnecessary data.

Features SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is well proven in various
industries, including machinery, electronics and medicine.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM simplifies modified products and the exchange of
information, as well as providing access to the Internet and the ability to
integrate with other systems in the enterprise, such as MRP / ERP, using
industry-standard XML and other opportunities.

Rapid implementation and scalability

With SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you can implement effective solutions to
the PDM much faster than other solutions in its class. Start with a small
working group and improve productivity, and then scale your solution,
including hundreds of users from different locations. With support for any
file Microsoft. Windows, your organization can more effectively manage and
share all kinds of information and product data from engineering documents
and specifications to the specifications of the marketing order. To improve
data management and workflow, through structural duplication of jobs, Solid-
Works Enterprise PDM enables integration of widely dispersed corporate
divisions, departments, customers and suppliers. With automatic replication
of data to the set of placements, users can reduce the critical time when
downloading large assemblies.

Streamline processes with workflow automation.

Built-slotting in SolidWorks Enterprise PDM can help your organization
automate approval processes for documents and reduce the number of errors
while improving efficiency. For example, many operations can be executed
automatically at a standard release of a new version of the product, such as
automatic control, data entry stamp in the drawing, a neutral file format and
issue various notices, such as projects management and sales.

Dual electronic signature is supported by the certificate of FDA CFR Part 11
and other industry requirements.

Audit work to improve standards compliance and quality

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM monitors and records every event, every movement of
the instrument and each version. Instrument audit records - who did what and
when, how and why each change was made, simplifies the preparation of reports
to internal quality, as a necessary requirement of the supervisory bodies and
ISO auditors. Auditing more effectively and earlier can help to identify
potential problems and continuously improve processes, increasing the ability
to compete in your organization.

Exchange of information with your customers and suppliers

With SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, you can extend the benefits of data management
and workflow, enhance the engagement of customers and suppliers. SolidWorks

Enterprise PDM can provide the right level of access to information for each
member of your team, improving efficiency without compromising the confident-
iality or security. Dissemination of information about the product to customers
and suppliers with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM reduces the product development


Download File Size:1 GB

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2010 (1 dvd)
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