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Lynda.com Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Essential Training $25 buy download

Ashley Kennedy

Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Essential Training offers a thorough exploration of Apple's flagship software and focuses on getting users comfortable with each aspect of the video editing process. Senior staff instructor Ashley Kennedy covers all phases of post-production—from ingest and organization to editing and refining in the timeline, correcting audio, managing media, and delivering the final project. She also covers primary and secondary color correction, and shows how to use effects to change the look and feel of video, audio, and graphics. Each stage of the post-production workflow is explained thoroughly and concisely, using real-world examples within a series of short documentary and promotional projects.

001 Welcome.mp4
002 Using the exercise files.mp4
003 What version of FCP X does this course cover_.mp4
004 What's new in Final Cut Pro X v10.3_.mp4
005 An under-the-hood introduction - Understanding the FCP X file structure.mp4
006 A tour of the FCP X interface - Basic clip viewing and organization.mp4
007 A tour of the FCP X interface - Timeline and tools.mp4
008 Setting up libraries and importing your assets.mp4
009 Importing from file-based cameras and live cameras.mp4
010 Organizing footage with keywords and folders.mp4
011 Rating and filtering clips.mp4
012 Performing searches and creating Smart Collections.mp4
013 Playing, navigating, and marking footage.mp4
014 Making the first edits - Using Insert and Append edits.mp4
015 Changing shots - Using Overwrite and Replace edits.mp4
016 Removing material to refine the story.mp4
017 Adding B-roll - Connecting clips to the primary storyline.mp4
018 Moving clips around in the timeline.mp4
019 Editing with audio in mind.mp4
020 Going deeper into timeline and interface navigation.mp4
021 Trimming clips - Rippling and performing extend edits.mp4
022 Manipulating transitions and creating split edits - Using the Roll tool.mp4
023 Changing shot content and position - Performing Slip and Slide edits.mp4
024 Understanding trimming limitations and working with the Precision Editor.mp4
025 Understanding features and limitations of connected clips.mp4
026 Working with secondary storylines.mp4
027 Setting audio channel configuration.mp4
028 Adjusting audio levels.mp4
029 Keyframing audio.mp4
030 Repairing audio problems automatically.mp4
031 Recording voiceover audio.mp4
032 Syncing your video to high-quality audio.mp4
033 Nesting shots and working with compound clips.mp4
034 Montage editing with Top and Tail Edits.mp4
035 Auditioning clips to try multiple editing options.mp4
036 Working with markers.mp4
037 Using roles to define clip categories.mp4
038 Customizing the keyboard.mp4
039 Syncing your multicam group clips.mp4
040 Performing a multicam edit.mp4
041 Refining the multicam edit.mp4
042 Working with basic motion effects - Transform, Crop, and Distort.mp4
043 Working with still images.mp4
044 Adding and adjusting transition effects.mp4
045 Adding and adjusting video effects.mp4
046 Adding and adjusting audio effects.mp4
047 Keyframing video and audio effects over time.mp4
048 Copying and pasting effects and creating effect templates.mp4
049 Creating titles.mp4
050 Working with generator effects.mp4
051 Creating freeze frames.mp4
052 Using speed effects to retime clips.mp4
053 Working with layered Photoshop files.mp4
054 Understanding rendering options and preferences.mp4
055 Analyzing shots for color problems.mp4
056 Following a proper color correction workflow.mp4
057 Color grading to add style.mp4
058 Using color correction templates.mp4
059 Using automatic color correction tools.mp4
060 Working with color masks and shape masks.mp4
061 Basic library and event management.mp4
062 Managing libraries, events, and clips.mp4
063 Managing your projects and collaborating with others.mp4
064 Managing generated content - Transcoded and render files.mp4
065 Exporting a still image.mp4
066 Exporting a hi-res QuickTime movie with chapter markers.mp4
067 Exporting projects for the web, Apple devices, and DVD.mp4
068 Exporting stems out of the timeline using roles.mp4
069 Finished promo - The Mission of Project RELO.mp4
070 Next steps.mp4

Download File Size:5.17 GB

Lynda.com Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Essential Training
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