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Mabry TREEX 1.01.013 $15 buy download

Mabry Software's Tree/X ActiveX is the ultimate tree control - it does everything except change colors in the fall. Written using the latest component authoring tools from Microsoft, Tree/X is efficient both in terms of memory and performance, and it has features never before seen in any control.

Tree/X provides the entire range of capabilities that you would expect to see in a state-of-the- art Tree component. Check boxes, radio buttons, different images for open and closed nodes - selectable on a per-node basis, sub-nodes to the right as well as below the parent node, and many other `standard' Tree features such as sorting.

At Mabry we like to innovate in significant ways with each new component. As a result, Tree/X has a feature not seen in any other component to date - it is a full-fledged ActiveX container in and of itself. What that means is that you can place any ActiveX component in any node of the tree. You determine whether or not Tree/X allows the user to resize the component at run-time - Tree/X automatically resizes and rearranges the tree as necessary. Events from contained components are fired through to your program using the same model as used in VB6 for components added at run time - no additional learning curve required!

And, for the pure at heart, you can also assign window handles to Tree/X nodes. If there are windows common controls, for instance, which you would like to use directly in Tree/X, then you simply create one and assign its window handle to Tree/X - the rest is handled automatically. WM_COMMAND messages normally sent to the window are passed into the CommandMessage event where you can perform custom processing.

We continue to try to break new ground. In the meantime, try Tree/X and check out its state-of- the-art features.

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Mabry TREEX 1.01.013
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