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Uartsy Environment Creation Techniques $40 buy download


David demonstrates his workflow for creating highly detailed game environments. David uses ZBrush, 3Ds Max, Xnormals, and Photoshop.
The 5 most important lessons:

Rapidly and effectively create stunning hard surface and organic environment assets.
Create large and realistic mountain ranges with World Machine.
Understand how to create custom seamless textures and realistic cracked surfaces.
Create beautiful baroque architecture in 3DsMax.
How to create urban and outdoor environments from start to finish.

1 Rapid Asset Creation/1 Developing Your Workflow max.mp4 151.5MB
1 Rapid Asset Creation/2 Brick Wall zb.mp4 106.0MB
1 Rapid Asset Creation/3 Managing Workflow Zb & Max.mp4 225.0MB
1 Rapid Asset Creation/4 Modeling Main Forms max.mp4 148.5MB
1 Rapid Asset Creation/5 Modeling Pipes Etc. max.mp4 187.1MB
1 Rapid Asset Creation/6 Applying Pipes And Exporting To Zb max.mp4 152.9MB
1 Rapid Asset Creation/7 Making Alphas zb & Ps.mp4 109.5MB
1 Rapid Asset Creation/8 Finishing Up Column zb.mp4 201.8MB
2 Finishing the Column and Sculpting a Tree/1 Texturing The Concrete 1.mp4 134.0MB
2 Finishing the Column and Sculpting a Tree/2 Adding Damage & Plug ins 2.mp4 172.3MB
2 Finishing the Column and Sculpting a Tree/3 Presentation 3.mp4 86.2MB
2 Finishing the Column and Sculpting a Tree/4 Initial Tree Modeling In Max 4.mp4 116.2MB
2 Finishing the Column and Sculpting a Tree/5 Exporting The Tree To Zbrush 5.mp4 153.7MB
2 Finishing the Column and Sculpting a Tree/6 Sculpting The Tree's Basic Details 6.mp4 164.3MB
2 Finishing the Column and Sculpting a Tree/7 Making Tree Branches In Max 7.mp4 213.1MB
2 Finishing the Column and Sculpting a Tree/8 Presenting The Tree Model 8.mp4 257.4MB
3 Hard Surface and Mountains/1 Hard Surface Sculpting 1.mp4 169.6MB
3 Hard Surface and Mountains/2 Line Flow 2.mp4 214.4MB
3 Hard Surface and Mountains/3 Refining & Rending In Keyshot 3.mp4 195.0MB
3 Hard Surface and Mountains/4 Mountain Creation 4.mp4 194.0MB
3 Hard Surface and Mountains/5 Combining Assets To Create The Mountain 5.mp4 160.0MB
3 Hard Surface and Mountains/6 Refining The Sillouettes 6.mp4 118.7MB
3 Hard Surface and Mountains/7 Rendering In Keyshot & Concept Presentation In Ps 7.mp4 87.4MB
4 World Machine/1 World Machine Intro 1.mp4 276.7MB
4 World Machine/2 Map Creation 2.mp4 261.7MB
4 World Machine/3 Displacement & Texturing 3.mp4 346.3MB
4 World Machine/4 Depth & Mood 4.mp4 258.4MB
4 World Machine/5 Tiling Your Maps 5.mp4 517.0MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/1 Leaf Model In Max 1.mp4 172.4MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/2 Leaf Texture 3.mp4 79.1MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/3 Leaf Tiling Map 4.mp4 195.2MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/4 Leaf Troubleshooting 5.mp4 148.3MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/5 Branch Modeling In Max 6.mp4 217.0MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/6 Branch Zbrush 7.mp4 227.3MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/7 Branch Sculpting 8.mp4 255.0MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/8 Branch Finishing 9.mp4 164.2MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/9 Map Max And Photoshop 10.mp4 357.4MB
5 Creating Plants and Leaves/10 Texturing And Rendering 2.mp4 225.8MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/09 Tree Trunk Sculpting 2.mp4 526.9MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/1 Mountain Generation & Scene Set Up 1.mp4 519.2MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/2 Refining The Scene & Asset Creation 8.mp4 34.4MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/3 Asset Refinement 9.mp4 375.0MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/4 All Things Maps 10.mp4 555.8MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/5 Logistics Of Arranging A Scene 11.mp4 435.7MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/6 Tweaking & Repurposing Elements 12.mp4 194.3MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/7 Refining Maps & Textures 13.mp4 362.2MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/8 Small Rocks, Grass, & Evaluating 14.mp4 496.7MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/10 Uvs Textures & Maps 3.mp4 490.9MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/11 Plant Modeling 4.mp4 735.3MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/12 Plant Cards & Composition 5.mp4 462.7MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/13 Mushroom Creation 6.mp4 642.2MB
6 Creating a Mountain Scene/14 Photoshop & Mb Photolooks 2.0 7.mp4 556.0MB
7 Textures, Cracks, and Trees/1 Seamless Textures 1.mp4 384.5MB
7 Textures, Cracks, and Trees/2 Fractured Surfaces 2.mp4 577.2MB
7 Textures, Cracks, and Trees/3 Tree Branch Cards 3.mp4 785.6MB
8 Baroque Modeling/1 Baroque Modeling 101 Part 1 1.mp4 375.9MB
8 Baroque Modeling/2 Baroque Modeling 101 Part 2 2.mp4 387.3MB
9 Advanced Hard Surface Techniques/1 Alternative Workflows For Hard surface Assets Part 1 1.mp4 423.3MB
9 Advanced Hard Surface Techniques/2 Alternative Workflows For Hard surface Assets Part 2 2.mp4 511.4MB
9 Advanced Hard Surface Techniques/3 Alternative Workflows For Hard surface Assets Part 3 3.mp4 305.4MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/1 Creating The Base For Your Work.mp4 556.6MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/2 Establishing Your Uv's.mp4 398.8MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/3 Finding And Using Useful Solutions.mp4 280.9MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/4 Finishing Your Textures In Photoshop 10.mp4 383.4MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/5 Creating Clean Edges And Combining Geo 11.mp4 354.6MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/6 Roughing Out Basic Compositions For Your Piece 12.mp4 609.1MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/9 Building A Sidewalk 13.mp4 514.1MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/10 Continuing To Build Environment Assets 2.mp4 188.0MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/11 Tweaking The Ground Plane 3.mp4 210.3MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/12 Cleaning And Tweaking Geo And Checking Reflections 4.mp4 374.4MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/13 Reusing Existing Models And Continuing To Model Scene Assets 5.mp4 647.6MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/14 Creating A Parking Meter With Sub D Modeling Techniques 6.mp4 313.0MB
10 Creating an Urban Environment/15 Uving And Texturing The Parking Meter 7.mp4 394.4MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/1 Introduction To Hard Surface Modeling In 3ds Max 1.mp4 265.7MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/2 Utilizing Booleans 9.mp4 369.2MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/3 Designing With Functionality In Mind 10.mp4 286.6MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/4 Creating Kit Bashing Pieces 11.mp4 281.6MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/5 Utilizing Floating Objects 12.mp4 383.1MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/6 Clustering Detail 13.mp4 393.3MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/7 Spline Modeling 14.mp4 340.4MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/8 Contrasting Micro Forms Against Large Forms 15.mp4 364.8MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/9 Creating The Ceiling 16.mp4 306.3MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/10 Using Cylinders To Create Interesting Pieces 2.mp4 359.1MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/11 Topology Discussion 3.mp4 343.3MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/12 Keeping An Open Mind While Modeling 4.mp4 395.2MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/13 Kit Bashing 5.mp4 347.9MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/14 Plush Panel Modeling Technique 6.mp4 497.5MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/15 Using Uv Layout Part 1 7.mp4 304.5MB
11 Hard Surface Environments/16 Using Uv Layout Part 2 8.mp4 313.6MB
Project Files/DLC.zip 297.8MB
Project Files/DL EM Crit 3 ChatLog.rtf 16.4KB
Project Files/PG Mod14 SeamlessTexture02.zip 3.1KB


Download File Size:27.89 GB

Uartsy Environment Creation Techniques
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