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Album DS 5.5.2 Multilanguage (3 cds and 1 dvd) $40 buy download

With Album DS, you will create gorgeous digital photo albums fast and
easy from within Adobe Photoshop a program you already use and love.

ALBUM DS is an automatic album design software that interacts with
Adobe Photoshop to create magazine style story books of photography
with ease of use, quality and speed. The program works with previews of
the pictures assuring speed of design. Once the sheet is designed the
software replaces all the previews with the original pictures. You may
resize, move, change your pictures as many times as you want because
final quality will not be compromised.

Our unique scaled system allows to work with files in small size which
increases work speed and reduces system requirements
without quality loss.

An even more, you may use ALBUM DS for the creation of single pictures
or collages for the classic album, all the templates, frames and masks
may be applied to the document in final size and resolution - a most
valuable help for the photographer. In just one step you get your
picture resized, framed, masked and ready for printing.

Main features and advantages of Album DS:

* Completely integrated with Adobe Photoshop (CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4)
works like a Photoshop toolbar.
* Uses Photoshop working area, don't worry about too small or too big
work areas, just use Photoshop zooming capabilities.
* Creates album sheets in PSD, JPG and TIF format.
* Automatic filling of templates optimizing picture fitting
* Save your designs as templates in PSD format.
* Photo retouch capabilities included
* Templates searching from multiple folders, filtering after pictures
number and position.
* Automatically resizes any template to your album size and include
trimming guides. You may also include more Photoshop guides.
* Resize, rotate and reposition your pictures many times without
quality loss.
* Design the whole album in a PSD layout preview and import pictures
to templates.
* Used pictures control. Grey framed, red framed and hidden.
* Displays thumbnails of designed pages for easy album story following.
* Capable to work in scaled mode (72ppp) or full resolution. Superfast
album design in scaled mode.
* Pictures are never cropped, only masked. You may resize at any time.
* Edit your pictures in Photoshop with instantly automatic Album update
* Resize designed albums to new sizes easily and fast.
* Apply masks instantly, design your own masks and add them
to the program.
* Apply frames and backgrounds easily, you may also add your own frames
and backgrounds.
* Available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, French
and Portuguese
* Album to web page conversion tool.
* File seeking and renaming tools.
* More than 600 flipable H/V templates, multiple masks, backgrounds,
frames and you may combine them. Just multiply and you will see how
many templates you get.
* Create picture collages easily and save them as templates
* Classic album facilities to add masks, frames, etc to single pictures
* Supplier independent album design solution.
* Picture management feature to select your pictures, includes zooming
and panning capabilities.
* Pictures groupping, you may asign the pictures to any of groups and
later filter the pictures by any combination of groups.
* Mouse over preview of pictures and templates, allows for bigger
preview of pictures without having to open them one by one.
* Predefined album sizes, just select the company and the album type
and the size will be retrieved.


*Microsoft Windows XP or Vista
*Adobe Photoshop CS
*2 GB free disk space


Download File Size:2.12 GB

Album DS 5.5.2 Multilanguage (3 cds and 1 dvd)
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