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v.33 – Empowered with Do Good Mobile Apps for 2013

#StartupLokal host an evening empowered with do good mobile apps, to find a Luvo APPrentice 2013

Global startup LuvoWorld join forces with renowned startup community #StartupLokal in the hunt for exciting Apps and services that look to empower individuals with the benefits of the world around them.

Some of the finest tech minds come together for this regular meet, hosted by serial entrepreneur and writer Aulia Halimatussadiah, digital industry super-networker Nuniek Tirta Sari and award winning webpreneur and technologist Natali Ardianto. Startup Lokal is considered the largest and most highly regarded startup community in Indonesia.

With a shared emphasis on empowering individuals, they have come across an exciting new startup LuvoWorld. The idea behind LuvoWorld is to empower individuals with knowledge, values and virtues in the form of ‘Do Good’ mobile Applications. The Applications in LuvoWorld fall in the categories of inspiration, employment, education, health, spirituality.

“These Apps are designed to enhance and enrich individuals lives, challenging them to try new things, to discover new abilities through the power to connect to the internet,” says Matthew Cranwell of LuvoWorld, “individuals will be motivated and inspired, both to be successful and to be a better person, bringing them closer to their communities and energizing them to do more, think bigger and push limits.

Nisha Malhan, Chief of Apps for LuvoWorld says, “Often we hear about the internet shifting towards social and mobile, and now our idea is to provide access to the broad and wonderful benefits of the internet through a mobile platform, that is to say, making the most of the wealth of information that is out there. We would like to harness local market intelligence with local development talent and use it to flourish in life.”

It is certainly an original and innovative proposition. “The aim is to provide values and virtues, promoting wellbeing, spirituality and the desire to help others,” says Cranwell, “It is one of a kind. Unlike the mass of phone manufacturers and data providers who look for big margins, churning out hundreds of similar Apps, where 1 in 10,000 is even a success, LuvoWorld is different. We really think the opportunity to “do good” with mobile tech is both existent, and also a necessity, and we call on the great developers in Indonesia to address this need.”

That is really at the forefront of what the speakers are discussing at the Startup Lokal event. “We want to empower and inspire individuals with amazing new Apps that will encourage them to improve and flourish.” states Cranwell

This is something that will certainly sit well with Aulia Halimatussadiah, known by her friends as Ollie, as she heavily promotes entrepreneurship and the empowerment of women. Herself a successful writer, fashion designer and all-round businesswomen she has written countless books of her own, and developed kutukutubuku.com, one of the biggest e-bookstores in Indonesia.

Her and her partners’ event Startup Lokal, is this time entitled “Empowered with Do Good Mobile Apps 2013,” and will include speakers Anantya Van Bronckhorst, the Female entrepreneur, Co-founder of Think.Web and Ollie’s partner in Girls in Tech, talking about enterprise and employment. Nisha Malhan of LuvoWorld will introduce “Luvo APPrentice 2013.” Ainun Chomsun of highly regarded Akademi Berbagi will talk about education and learning, and the doctors behind SpotDoktor, a fantastic health advice App created to provide knowledge on everything from anti-oxidents, to pregnancy care, will talk about the benefits of having an every day health manual in your pocket.

LuvoWorld will co-host the event with Startup Lokal to find the LuvoAPPrentice. The idea of the talks is to inspire budding IT enthusiasts and App developers to think about the real emotional and holistic power of mobile, and develop their own ‘Do Good’ Application to inspire and empower individuals.

The 3 winning APPrentices will have the opportunity to develop their APP for LuvoWorld, to launch in Indonesia in May. They will be asked to submit their ideas in a live tweet competition, during the event, signaling the start of the full competition on luvoworld.com, running from February 14th till the end of the month.

“It’s important to know what you want and then act to try to create it. What do you want to do? What are your dreams and passions? The success formula is already there,” says Ollie.

Nisha Malhan adds, “We’re looking for Apps and Services that use local market intelligence to really benefit the lives of others. Can you inspire individuals, can you teach them, can you share your skills with them? Then we want you to apply. What LuvoWorld will offer you is both the support and funding to develop a great idea, and moreover huge discoverability for your App. We will limit our world to only a handful of incredible Apps, designed to empower the individual.”

Natali Ardianto, one of the judges, knows all about winning tech competitions. His company ‘Tiket.com,’ picked up the GIST Tech I Next Generation 2012 Competition, the Telkom Indigo Fellowship 2012 and the ASEAN ICT Awards 2012. Tiket provides an easy way to book any ticket you can imagine from flights to hotels to concerts.

“The local startup scene has been slowing down since 2012 because the entrepreneurs now realize that doing a business is not just about design or website. It requires business capital and good distribution,” says Ardianto. Global tech company LuvoWorld might just provide the answer:

“LuvoWorld will partner great ideas with local developers, providing funding and invaluable commercial support, to create Apps and services that will really bring about change” finishes Ardianto.

Startup Lokal “Empowered with Do Good Mobile Apps 2013 to held at Mango Tree Bistro, Epicentrum Jl HR Rasuna Said, Jakarta 6pm – 9pm February 14th 2013.

#Startuplokal #Luvoworld with your Do Good APP ideas.

Visit www.luvoworld.com for more information.


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