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How to WOW Your Angel Investor?

So you already researched your market, developed your business process, and finished your business plan. But OMG, you haven’t prepared your powerpoint presentation. This can be a daunting task to do. When in university you already bored with bullet point presentations and fully-tiny-font slides. Don’t worry, presentation is an art. You just need to unleash your creativity here. You have a big opportunity to hear their ‘WOW’.

The key is you need to ensure that your creative business plan can be converted well into powerpoint presentation. Don’t just copy-paste from MS Word because Powerpoint has different function. It needs to be friendly with audience’s mood, thinking, and visibility.

This insight I learned from my experience as marketing analyst in Toyota. Based on Kaizen as one of Toyota main pillars, we continually improved our business operation which needs detailed execution in every dealers around Indonesia. And of course, communication is becoming the essential factor.

The second pillar of Toyota Way is “Respect for People”. In presentation, this means respecting your investor as a human that also has weakness in absorbing information. Too many facts sometimes just blur the essential information.

The Elephant and the Rider

Chip and Dan Heath in “Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard” quoted psychological theory about how brain works. Brain is consisted of 2 areas that can be analogized as “The Elephant and the Rider”.

  • Rider is the logic brains; it is smart in analyzing things, however its power is weak.
  • Elephant is the emotional brains; it is powerful in doing action, but quite moody.
  • The Path is surrounding environment that accompanies elephant to walk.

Very clear example is when you wake up in the morning. Your logic brain told that you must wake up earlier or you can be late. But if your emotional brain is not in a good mood to wake, you may still sleep tightly.

Hence, to make your angel investors focus on your presentation, despite any hassles from blackberry, cellphone, surroundings, you need to know these 3 things.

How to make “the Rider” can see clearly?

Make sure that your presentation is extremely easy to read – even from the corner of the room. To do this, first you need to understand their curiosity about this proposal. Answer it all with charts, facts, and logical projections that you have. Highlight your answers and remove the rest.

Avoid technical terms. Sometimes investor came from very different backgrounds. Use analogy in simple words when explaining difficult terms. Make sure every word can be understood by people in the same education level with the investor.

How to touch “Elephant’s emotion”?

Touch their emotion through well designed presentation. Learn basic principles of design from art student. Use right color combination, picture proportion, and visual art that fit to your business concept.

You can also use success stories from same industry to strengthen your messages. It is easier to understand a story rather than always seriously analyze hard data.

And as the main performance, demonstrate your product. Exercise often. Make sure that it won’t need too much time to do. Watch Steve Jobs’ launching demo on Youtube.

How to make “the Path” is easier to be passed?

Don’t just print handout from the powerpoint. Instead, make a detailed handout. Handout has very different functions with the slide. It needs to be detailed to help them make decision. But you can create executive summary to help them understand well the big picture of your business plan. You may refer to Toyota A3 Report for this. Many books already uncovered this easy-yet-powerful tool.

So, that’s all 3 things you need to remember for your presentation. Of course, it won’t as easy as copy-paste work. But, respecting your investors as a human that has weaknesses in absorbing information can be worth paid.

All that’s separating you from where you are and where you want to be is time and experience. Your dedication, aspiration, and motivation already serve as the foundations for success. It’s why you’re here.

Now, let’s get to work.

Fandy Yasin

Fandy works in Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Singapore based). His job is to improve customer retention & sales in emerging countries. Previously he was Head of Marketing Analyst section at PT Toyota-Astra Motor. Since university, he presented 5 industrial engineering researches at various international and national seminars with team. As Top 5 Rank Astra Basic Management Program, Fandy is directly involved in concepting the marketing plan and ensuring communication & smooth implementation in dealers. As professional marketer, Fandy often speaks or gives consultation to some blue-chip companies and top motivator. Now he lives in Somerset and enjoy his weekend at gleaming of Orchard area. Meet Fandy at links below.

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