Startups in Ireland

Touchdown Ireland! Right on the first day, #StartupLokal initiators were invited to come to Enterprise Ireland to meet some of the startups that are in their High Potential Startup network. Enterprise Ireland’s objective to introduce the startups is to get StartupLokal initiators’ insights if they were to market their products in Indonesia. WOW right? Enterprise Ireland would go that far to facilitate their startups.

First company that we get to look over is Career Decisions Ireland, a career management program. To be honest, i’m still quite confused with their concept, maybe because i’m not too familiar with the education world like this, but i have a friend that would be interested and can be their partner. If you are interested with them, you can contact me too!

Second company is Movidius, a hardware company, their focus is more to Mobile Video Processor, they shown us a demo of a chip that is used to record and show 3D video through a mobile phone, and this is totally different to what LG Optimus 3D has. For this company, perhaps i will introduce them to Nexian :p Maybe we can watch movies through our mobile phone, and in 3D as well! Who will be the first for this technology in Indonesia?

They also shown us something that even they haven’t shown to the Irish people, it is an honour for us to be able to experience their newest technology that people can’t even see yet, this is similar to our Xbox Kinect experience before it was launched in America.

After that Retail Media Systems, even though they’re still in a startup level, their company has a very simple concept. Make a digital menu board for restaurant, where Europe’s restaurants have lots of different menu and it’s changing every day. They even have a menu that its price can change according to when we eat. When we asked why they’re having such a complicated system? Because when it’s past 11pm onwards, there’s a different type of customers. They also said an Indonesian franchise company is very interested with their concept and want to use their service, because they’re still lacking in this kind of experience, this is where Enterprise Ireland came in and help. I’m very interested to be their reseller especially when they have so much potential to be run here. If you’re interested, please contact me(*wink at Firman*)

Last but not least is NewBay, this is a big company in Ireland, I felt very honoured to be able to come and meet with the company, because i’m sure their time is very valuable, yet they met us and discussed together. We got a lot of insights from them, especially in how they market their service globally. This is why i’m in an awe with Enterprise Ireland. NewBay already expanded in Europe and America, yet Enterprise Ireland motivated them to market their service in Asia, and they will help find people who they can call and offer the service. Plans for Indonesia are in my mind already 😉

We met four startups all day in Enterprise Ireland, and each of them are searching for a partner in Indonesia, interested?

This entry is translated by Joshua Kevin – you can also visit SaGad’s blog here