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v4.0 – Communication

If we didn’t have this skill on doing business these days, you will have a hard time. There are so many examples of potential startups in Indonesia that only a few of them got exposure from media? This question has brought us a topic for #StartupLokal MeetUp v.4: Communication. As usual, the meet up is held on the first Thursday of the month, 5th of August 2010.

Three speakers and our moderator for the night, Ollie, are up for the spotlight:

1. Rene Suhardono (career coach & writer of Your Job is NOT Your Career)

“Being an entrepreneur nowadays is like being a soldier in 1970’s or banker in 1990’s, everybody wants to be it. Doesn’t matter what you chose, whether being an entrepreneur or an employee, the most important thing is that you find your passion and live with it.”

Rene talked about how personal branding can affect the publicity of a product.

2. Waizly Darwin (The Marketeers)

“Hitching a famous brand / product / community is the best way to get well known by others.”

Waizly talked about the techniques and how-to get the exposure from the media as he shared about how he built the community magazine The Marketeers to a 5 billion IDR valuation in just a few months.

3. Silih Agung Wasesa (Asia PR)

“How to create your exchange product’s launch:  1. Analyze your brand value to adapt with target market’s desire, 2. Creating content for conversations & participation. 3. Creating valuable struff that people want to be part of & share. 4. Building direct relationship. 5. Combining online + offline, make conversation from it. 6. Remember to evaluate & measure.”

Silih talked about how PR can help controlling what and how Social Media interpresenting you and how creative non-conventional media/new media can have a same or even more PR effect than using conventional media that usually have a bigger cost.

The next session, there were two startups pitching about their ideas:

by Jeannie Tan
KayaKarya is an Indonesian website that serve us as a place for Indonesian to show their works(photos,drawings,design graphics,sketch,clothing designs and everything that can be put into creative media).

kayakarya #startuplokal

There is a little to none community website like KayaKarya that based on creative community here, unlike outside of Indonesia where there is DeviantArt or Vimeo, hence the creation of KayaKarya by Jeannie.

Web.Dev.Academy by Chandra Marsono

webdevacademy #startuplokal

Chandra Marsono explained to us that it’s not an online based startup instead it was a training place where the people who graduated from its courses can work on projects from web.dev.academy partners. To put it simple, it will produce web programmers that have a great portofolio and work ethic.

Three programs were presented last night to support local startups:

  1. Fellowship Telkom Indigo by Zaki
  2. SparxUp Awards by Rama Mamuaya
  3. SWAStartup by Natali Ardianto

Last but not least, we’re not expecting them but well we know they will come some day. 3 Google people that came from 3 different divisions and they participated in the event (local, adwords strategist, and Head of syndication & partnership SEA).

Other than Google there are lots of media and corporates that have their man participated in the event. For example: PC Media, The Marketeers, Info Komputer, CHIP, Telkom, Bangkok Bank, Edelman, Bubu.

Okay guys, see you on the next #StartupLokal Meetup on 2nd September 2010! Follow @startuplokal , join mailinglist #StartupLokal and be the fan of #Startuplokal on FB!

credits: Nuniek’s blog and TeknoJurnal


Joshua Kevin is passionate about tech startups, entrepreneurship and social media. Currently he is actively involved in Indonesia startup scene as Associate of #StartupLokal community, Associate at East Ventures and also a writer for Penn Olson. In pursuing his passion in Entrepreneurship, Joshua hopes to see more and more start-ups, not only the presence but also the success story.

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